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Tools I Use

Why is this here?

There are many programs available to help those who use PC's for advanced functionality like website administration. I thought I'd publish some of the ones I use in the hope that it would also help others. I expect this list to grow continuously, so check back frequently.

As with all software other than ours and all HTML code changes, support for these tools are not covered by our support agreements and will be billed separately. Premium support customers can apply this to their annual programming time allocation.


Remote Access Support

Our tutorials page has sections on providing remote access support to our customers. This means that when you have a problem, we can look at your screen while discussing it and we see what you see. This enables us to quickly and easily diagnose problems.

When you have a question relating to how to do something, we can show you instead of just telling you. For more information, click on the link below to go to that section in our tutorials page.

Click here for Remote Access section

Adding a link in the middle of a section

Here's a link to our products page:

Products of

Here's what we typed to create the link:

<a href="/cms-features/index.php">Products of</a>

The link itself is in quotes after the "href=". The actual text that's displayed is to the right of that after the ">".

Linking to the middle of a page

Sometimes you want to add a link that goes to a specific part of a page. As an example, if you go yo our depth chart page at Depth Chart Link, you'll see that many of the listed items have links to other pages. Let's look at the FAQ link at the bottom of the foundation section.

Here's what we typed to create the link:

<a href="/cms-features/foundation.php#FAQs">Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) </a>

Clicking on the link causes you to go to the FAQ section of the foundation page. Note that in the line above the page name is foundation.php. We added the page section "#FAQs" right after that. That tells the browser to go to the FAQs section of the foundation page.

There's one more step. In the foundation page, you have to bookmark the FAQ section. To do this we added "<a name="FAQs"></a>" at the end of the section ABOVE the FAQ section.

When I need to find new software or a new version of something I have, this is where I go. It's a safe place to find a tremendous variety of PC programs and tools and the reviews are insightful and accurate.

Click here for the site

WebCopier Pro

This program allows you to copy an entire site to your PC. If you're going to be making lots of changes, copy the site to save it or just to review it without having to be online.

Web Copier Pro at

PDF reDirect

This valuable tool lets you create PDF's for just about any document you can print in your PC. Once installed, it adds a pseudo printer to your PC called "PDF reDirect. Just select it as your printer and it will ask you where to save the newly created PDF file.

PDF reDirect at

Stat Counter

CaptureWiz Pro

CaptureWizPro is a professional tool for capturing anything on your screen, even tricky items like the entire contents of scrolling areas, drop-down lists, tool tips, mouse pointers and screen savers. There's also a high-performance recorder for capturing streaming video or creating demos. Output recordings to WMV, AVI or GIF. Innovative features make it fast and easy.

I recently re-loaded windows and all of my programs, etc. in my PC. I don't remember which program I installed first, but CaptureWiz Pro was second. I was changing some setting on the first program and realized that I needed CaptureWiz to make a record of what I was changing.

Capture Wiz at

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